Benefits of Embracing Test Case Management

Every business aspires to make progress and with this progress earn profits. But this is often derailed by the lack of reliable tools that can make the production process smooth. Software companies need to automate tests so they are able to get information about the products they build. Having a clear timeline of the processes that are needed eliminates time wastage and leads to the development of bug-free applications. Managers who have large teams find it challenging to understand test cases when they opt to pursue every detail manually, but with a test management system, all data needed is shared through a platform that gives a representation of the achievements each developer has made.

Agile planning an execution

A good example of tools that can be used to improve the relationship between teams is using the QASymphony test case management tool, which brings together agile teams including testers, developers, and managers to collaborate to address high-priority issues raised by customers. This is not often the case in many production processes and if such a decision has to be reached it takes a lot of time to resolve the problems noted. Coming together in one system ensures accurate answers are given to settle the problems at hand so production can proceed with a focus on producing high-quality software.

Test scheduling automation

Manual test methods are time consuming and tedious. They are also prone to errors, so managers need to come up with automation processes that can allow them to easily observe the development process. Many test case management tools allow you to schedule testing and automate the processes so you are able to receive relevant information whenever needed. For example, you should be receiving messages about errors lodged into the system so you can take the most appropriate action to speed up development. Automation means you don’t need to perform manual test runs, all you need is to adjust your settings and the system will give you a report of what is happening in the production process in real-time.

Better control features

Working with teams is a perfect idea, but how these teams are able to handle different processes is what determines if you are doing what is expected of you to come up with superior products. Test case management tools allow you to control of who does what based on the metrics recorded about the performance of each individual. It helps you to assign the right individuals to handle the right roles.

Intelligent error detection process

Error detection and handling is a vital process that every manager should include in the management of production. Making software is different from producing other types of products because you need to observe for the occurrence of errors. Even the slightest mistake in the development process could affect the final product and this is why having a test case management system is necessary so errors are lodged immediately they are detected. You are assured to move from one step to the other without carrying defects along and this leads to the development of high quality software.