Why Every Company Needs A Digital Marketing Plan

There are several reasons why Whitney Blodgett thinks that every company needs a digital marketing plan.


The first reason is that a written strategy is going to be able to give you some type of focus and direction. This means that the company is going to be able to know exactly what they need to do online and what tactics are going to work the best for their company. When the company is trying to get more visits on their website, they are going to be looking for new customers. If the company does not know what specific goals that they should have, then they are not going to be able to figure out what they will need to do to make sure that the company is as successful as possible. A written down strategy will help the company to come up with a powerful online presence so that they can define their targeted audience better.

Same ideas

The second reason is a digital marketing plan is going to allow everyone to be on the same page. When the company writes down all of the things that they are trying to accomplish all of their goals. When everything is written down, then the employees are going to know exactly how their goals are going to fit into the marketing priorities of the company. Plus the company will be able to measure whether or not they are actually going to be able to reach all of their goals. A written down marketing plan makes sure that everyone knows the goals of the company.

Better resources

The third reason is that the company is going to be able to get better resources. These resources are one of the best ways that the company is going to be able to accomplish all of their goals. When everything is written down, then the people who are going to be providing the company its resources are going to see exactly what the company needs to be successful. Therefore, the company can apply for the funding that they are going to need. This means that they might be able to hire more staff if it is needed. This allows the company to be a lot more efficient so that they have the opportunity to be as successful as possible. The resource providers will see that the company has a long term plan that they are going to try to reach with their resources.

No duplication

The fourth reason is that it is going to limit the amount of duplication that can happen inside of a company. Once the company has all of the resources that they need to be successful, the resources do not need to be wasted on things because the company did not have a written marketing plan that is going to outline what the company wants to do with those resources. Most of the time, this is going to happen in the larger companies because the company is going to purchase a lot of different tools and agencies that has the ability to perform the same tasks. Therefore, a written marketing plan will help to keep the company’s tasks and goals organized.


The fifth reason is that a written marketing plan is going to help the company to be optimized so that they will be able to stay ahead of the competition. When the company has a god strategy, then the company will be able to benchmark all of their activities and they can set out the goals of the company. This means that the company will be able to see what is working for them and what is not. Therefore, they will be able to make changes in the areas where they need it the most.

These are the top five reasons that Whitney Blodgett thinks that a digital marketing plan is something that every company needs to be successful.

Business Emergency Preparedness Checklist You Should Uphold

In the event of an emergency, businesses and people alike are affected. If you have been looking to sustain your business without the risk of getting into losses during an emergency, you need to understand some of the procedures that assist you to protect the business as well as facilitate recovery from the disaster. Preparedness is the key to ensuring you get complete control over the frustrations that emanate from disasters. You need to put in place plans that will not only help your employees, but also the business to stay afloat in the period after the disaster. Here are few guidelines that can help you manage your business in the face of disasters.

Understand the most likely disaster in your region

To make adequate preparation, you need to understand the emergencies that are likely to occur within your region so as to act accordingly. Find out the disasters that have occurred in the past and the impact these emergencies had on businesses as well as residents. Reviewing hazard vulnerability is necessary to help you come up with a defense mechanism that is suitable for the kind of disaster you have identified.

Who to contact when emergencies occur

To respond to disaster, you might need technical assistance, so it is also good to keep a list of contacts to reach in case an emergency occurs. These are people who are trained and prepared enough to help you deal with the emergency whenever it erupts by coming in with the required technical input. Some of the options you have in this case include the locate state police, emergency and medical services department, fire department, the emergency management office of the local government, electric and gas companies, and local red cross chapter. Keep contacts of at least three of these organizations.

Continuity operations

After the emergency, regardless of the damage that would have happened, you would also like to have business continuity. This cannot be possible when there is not enough preparedness to handle the aftermath of the disaster, so while drafting a preparedness report also make sure to include plans about continuity of operations. You need to identify staff to carry out the continuity operations and if you have information stored you need to know how to back it up so you are able to retrieve important files that would help to facilitate a continuity of the business after the disaster.

Acquire necessary emergency response tools

To also ensure you take part in thwarting the effects of the emergency, you need to have the right tools. Get tools that will help your business deal with the emergency to restore operations. One of the suppliers that can help you in this case is My Patriot Supply. The company stocks all kinds of emergency supplies and will even go ahead to offer you instructions on how to work with some of the equipment. Also remember to work on training your employees so they are able to understand how to work on reviving the business during an emergency.